Crusher Backing

Crusher Backing

Araldite Crusher Backing products are high performance epoxy systems formulated for maximum protection and high level support of wear liners. Araldite products are the industry leaders with proven performance. All products are non-flammable, require special equipment in the application, and are conveniently packaged in kit form for easy mixing and application. The products maintain their strength to ensure all wear linings are sufficiently protected throughout the crusher maintenance cycle.

Minprovise supply Araldite Crusher Backing and other compounds Australia wide. Our service extends to crusher backing application in Western Australia and Queensland.


  • Two-part epoxy system
  • Kit form – easy mixing and application
  • Coloured hardener ensures visual control of mixing
  • Flows easily
  • Low shrinkage during cure
  • High compressive strength and impact resistance
  • Non-flammable
  • Good environmental stability
  • Meets Green Building Council of Australia VOC specifications
  • Proven Araldite reliability and application history


  • Primary Gyratory Crushers
  • Cone Crushers
  • Grinding Mills


Araldite(r) K75-2 Slow Backing System

  • Compressive Strength 105 – 115 MPA
  • Tensile Strength 30 – 36 MPA
  • Flexural Strength 45 – 55 N/mm2
  • Hardness (Shore D) 90
  • 10kg kit
  • Typically used at ambient temperatures > 200C

Araldite(r) K75-2 Standard Backing System

  • Compressive Strength 95 – 105 MPA
  • Tensile Strength 28 – 34 MPA
  • Flexural Strength 52 – 58 N/mm2
  • Hardness (Shore D) 90
  • 10kg kit
  • Typically used at ambient temperatures < 200C