Dugless 900

Dugless 900

Minprovise is the Australian and international distributor of the innovative Dugless 900 Mini Loader.

The Dugless 900 mini loader is a unique machine designed specifically to crawl under conveyors. At 560mm in height, the mini loader is ideal to remove material spillage from under & around operational conveyor belts, clean out box culverts, storm drains and under passes. It is remote-controlled and allows the operator to stand clear from harm’s way. Completed with a Lombardini engine, 4 in 1 bucket type and rubber tracks, the unit is powerful, versatile and rugged.


Minprovise offer a number of different purchase options such as straight out lease buy or hire purchase and we can also arrange finance direct for our customers. Upon purchase, our services extend to technical support, training, supply of spare parts, repairs and maintenance.


Useful for organisations undergoing one or two large clean-up operations, too infrequent to merit the purchase of a unit, Minprovise offer a wet or dry hire service. A wet hire service includes a trained operator and transport. The length and dates of the hiring period are flexible.

Standard Features


Lombardini 2 Cylinder, Air Cooled, Fuel Injected Diesel.
Continuous Power 12.0 kW.
Donaldson Precleaner and Safety Filter Assembly.

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Motors.
Hydraulic Pumps (Direct Drive).
Microprocessor controlled proportional control valves.
In Line Oil Cooler.

System Protection

Hydraulic Oil High Temperature Shut Off.
Hydraulic Oil Low Level Shut Off.
Engine Oil Low Pressure Shut Off.


Standard Capacity 0.15 cubic meters.
4 in 1 Bucket Type.
Self leveling.

Angle of Departure

20 degrees
Head lights Front and Rear


Rubber Tracks.
Hydraulic Tensioning Arrangement.
Speed 3.5 KPH.

Remote Control System

Conforms to ASNZ 4240-2009 Radio Remote Controls for Mining Equipment, and ASNZ 1418.1 – 1994 Cranes Part 1: General Requirements.
IP65 Hand Control – Two Joystick Controls.
10 Meter 4 Wire Lanyard Control.
Online calibration of the proportional functions.
Spare Battery.
Auto Frequency Selection.


Tilt and bump protection on operator controller.
Separate E-Stop on operator controller.
Three individual isolation switches on machine including individual starter motor isolation.
360ᵒ flashing beacon and lights.
Operating high audible beeper on machine.
Operator controlled warning horn on machine.
Ergonomic shoulder supported adjustable harness support for controller. Controller cannot easily be “dropped”.


Remote Cameras - Remote cameras allow the operator to see into areas where personnel access may not be possible.
Proximity Protection Cones - Proximity Protection Cones demarcate the area which the Dugless 900 can operate within. If the mini loader moves outside the demarcated area, or if a person or vehicle moves into the area, the Dugless 900 automatically shuts down.
Price and availability depends on the required application.


Ben Suda
Group Sales Director
08 9359 6800 or 0448 101 736

Overseas contacts:

Snr Matias Gonzalez
ProClean MG


Dugless Machinery Company – a leader in innovation

The Dugless Machinery Company is an Australian owned company based in Perth, Western Australia, and is a member of the Minprovise Group.

The company’s primary function is for the research, development and manufacture of the Dugless machines. To provide in-house electrical and electronic design, installation and servicing of our current Dugless machinery range.

All administration, wet hire and sales are carried out by Minprovise Pty Ltd.