Slurry Pumps

Slurry Pumps

Minprovise supply Australia-wide the complete range of Wear Min-Tech slurry pumps and componentry. Our partnership with Wear-MinTech combined with our expertise in high wearing materials handling equipment allows us to offer the following service for slurry pump requirements:

  • Aftermarket service exchange slurry pumps and components
  • Rebuilds and components upgrades capabilities
  • Complete slurry pump replacements
  • Metallurgy improvement
  • New project application

Most wet-side components of slurry pumps ( i.e. impellers, inlet & back liners, volute bowls) have traditionally been made either from the Ni-Cr white cast irons (“Ni-Hards”) or the eutectic composition of 27 % Cr white iron. Both of these alloys are sufficient for most slurry applications with Brinell hardness levels around 550 to 600 HB. However the inherent wear life of these alloys is limited when used in applications such as alumina extraction processes and SAG mill primary crushing duties for hard rock ores such as copper, gold, tungsten etc.

Wear minimisation Technologies (WMT) has developed a superior white iron alloy for such aggressive slurries, by increasing both the Chromium and Carbon content higher than those of either the Ni-Cr or the 27% Cr alloys. As a result, this alloy has a higher bulk hardness level above both the Ni- Cr and 27% Cr grades. Brinell hardness is given as 650+ HB minimum. This alloy conforms to AS 2027 Grade Cr 35.

This alloy has been field tested in several operational applications including:

SAG Mill discharge duty: Wet-side components have been installed in a copper mine and have been in continuous operation for over eight months ( in excess of 4000 hours service) with no requirement to change inlet liner or impeller upon routine inspection shut-downs.
Stope back fill applications for underground gold mine: The mine was using 27% Cr wet-side parts which were lasting two weeks before needing to be replaced. Once WMT alloy was installed twelve weeks service life was achieved (six times extra wear life over 27% Cr).


HD HDH Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps
The HD or HDH range of Wear-MinTech Pumps is designed for continuous pumping of highly abrasive slurries. Typical Applications include chemical process, heavy minerals, paper and pulp, mill discharge, sugar beet, cyclone feed, fly ash and slag granulation.

GHP Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps GP
The GP or GPH pump is designed for higher head duties such as cyclone feed long distance pipelines and high static discharge heads. Applications include sand, gravel, clay and granulation.

VSP VSPR Cantilever Pumps
The VSP and VSPR slurry pumps are designed for tough slurry pump applications including:
• Abrasive and/or corrosive applications
• High specific gravities
• Continuous duty pump applications
• Solid handling applications

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Group Sales Director
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Slurry Pump brochure

Wear Minimisation Technology Pty Ltd (Wear-MinTech) was established to provide an alternative supply to the Original Equipment Manufacturer for spare parts.
Wear-MinTech provides the mining industry with unrivalled experience in all facets of slurry pumping product.
Our technical and manufacturing team total 120 years experience in foundry, elastomers, machining, pattern making, mold manufacture, pump testing and engineering.