Plant and Equipment Maintenance

Plant and Equipment Maintenance

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Ensure maximum "up" time. Our team can assist with equipment maintenance on an Ad-Hoc or Service Contract basis.

Minprovise provides guidance to assist employers and companies in the maintenance of plant including equipment, machinery, appliances, tools and implements in their workplaces. Without proper maintenance, the safety of plant cannot be guaranteed even if the plant has been designed and manufactured with consideration to health and safety.

Employers are obligated to ensure all plant and equipment is maintained. Employers are also required to provide and maintain a safe working environment which is without risk to the health of its employees and those who undertake inspection and maintenance work.

In the event that an item of plant or equipment for use in your workplace has the potential to cause injury or illness to employees, we can ensure there is an effective system in place for safeguarding the plant and guaranteeing it is properly maintained.